I don’t know if I’m late in figuring it out but I guess I’m. Twitter finally stating that they have a in-built search engine just ready for its audience.

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Finally twitter integrated its search tool into its interface (aka API). Now thats few days back when I was vacationing away from everything and the only device I has is my Nokia E71. Though it was a conscious effort not to be connected to the rest of the world but it really made me happy when I saw this news.

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But couple of things I just wanted to point out before this news becomes more stale and we remain as hyperconnected as ever – Twitter first time pointed out that they have a in-built search tool and more so, they even pointed out how to use it.

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Now that makes more laugh as well as ponder why?

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One reason is twitter is not as big as Facebook, so it has still a lot to cover in terms of world domination. Now it clear that twitter might make a shift from just microblogging or social networking platform to more ubiquitious realtime search which is the talk of the town amongst netizens.

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The official twitter post says,

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Every public update sent to Twitter from anywhere in the world 24/7 can be instantly indexed and made discoverable via our newly launched real-time search. What was that loud noise outside your apartment? Did you just feel an earthquake? What do people think about your company, your product, or your city? With this newly launched feature, Twitter has become something unexpectedly important—a discovery engine for finding out what is happening right now.

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If you’ve read the last couple of lines, its quite evident that twitter is pointing us to use it more as a tool which lets others know what is happening around – use it as a water cooler, review or just realtime news. Now if you’re a avid twitter user, then all this is 2007 for sure but it makes perfect sense to those who have joined in as I recently read that 60% of newbies who join twitter leave it within a month. Not good – so twitter is hell bent to make every tweep count – and how to do; make it more relevant by inserting interestingness into it called realtime search along with frequently updates trending topics.

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But all this fine, but I believe my money is worth where it mentions that What do people think about your company, your product, or your city? Now that’s where it makes sense for them to even monetize since it can very well bring a company/brand to consumers’ feet. Also it induces more engagement and starts a new era.

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Also, all this while twitter has made it quite sure that consumers are still looking for simplicity – that’s why friendfeed is still trying find its foot into the water and facebook is feeling awry and jealous, if I can say so.

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