I presume if you’re seeing this, then you must have come here through couple of sources; notably amongst them would be twitter (both organic and referral), some Facebooker linking it his/her page or some social network which I can’t possible think off and not forgetting Google search of course.

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So if you’re confused about what exactly I’m trying to get at – simple – question on the top of my mind is can we forget this thing called Social Media and not engage with it anymore?

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There were times when having a website was a big thing and now it’s not. There was a time when writing a blog was a big thing, now it isn’t. There was a time when Digital was referred to clock or discussed in some broadly hallway in some Engineering college and now Digital has become synonymous with Web, Mobile and allied consumer interfacing process.

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The thing is what used to be invisible has become the next big thing. And I think Social Media is just another. Though process of engagement were always there from time immemorial but now with the advent of web, things have become simpler, so as to say (for some I guess) since now companies can connect easily with their TG without spending big bucks on costly market research. – at least few companies have taken this approach though conservatively.

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Today I read this story from ET which said that one Indian car manufacturing company has gained 17-18% of sales from digital marketing  efforts which were mere 2-3% in 2005. Surely times are changing or I should evolving.

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So the big question is do we engage or not? Surely, we have tons of material lying here and there which justifies that we should and shouldn’t engage in social media, but one thing for sure that its changing the very rules of the modern marketplace as like online advertising changed the whole web-ecosystem a decade back.

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So lastly, the question is about choice or I should say do we have a choice of not getting hands dirty trying to understand the medium or let the system get into us and then we realize we were late!

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Just a thought, may be!

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