While I was at this – “Can future social sites survive without search” meme, I stumbled upon more intruiging thought from MediaPost where the author, Matt Greitzer seems to find the panacea for all social networking platforms like Facebook who are having hard time monetizing to the extent of its reach and scale – i.e. local search.

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I’ll start from where I left last time where I asked this question – Do you think that along the Webolution, we will require more searchability from social sites? After the case presented in MediaPost’s meme, now I’m more & more certain about making search as important as other social graph’s tidbits which inturn can make social networking platforms more & more relevant to users groups.

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For this, we would always need two very important ingredients – scale & relevance. As it says,

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The first is scale, as in a massive, active user base willing to inform objective business listing with subjective opinions. The second is relevance, as in some way to ensure the reviews you are reading are not written by shills, angry ex-lovers, or crazy people. Facebook can address both of these challenges. It has a massive user base, and it’s networked, which provides all kinds of useful ways to vet the trustworthiness of a reviewer’s opinion. If Facebook jumped into the local search space I believe they could corner the market. But I think Yelp has actually beaten them to it.

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Now the case in point is other than the always written monetization portions of social networking sites like branded content, sale of virtual goods, so-called social ads, Voice Telephony (mostly for virtual worlds) now we can a major money maker which develops interest as well as relevance for different segment from 14-64 age-group since search is one feature which is ubiquitous and always handy.

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So what should be the future strategy for social networks? Should they buy in local search engines like the case presented above for Facebook going for Yelp. The post also has some interesting fillers on that:

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Facebook should not build its own socially powered local search engine; it should just buy Yelp. This combination makes both companies better. It would instantly propel Facebook into the local search space with the backing of an active reviewer base and a proven service model. And Facebook’s scale would rocket Yelp from niche to mainstream, making a good service even better by combining reviewer opinions with vetting via the social graph.

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Quite interesting considering the reach, scale and scope of Facebook and relevancy pumped by local search engine and reviews from sites like Yelp. But lets hyperbole the extremities that Facebook goes on to buy Yelp – what can happen? Presenting the case from my one of my post –

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I think Facebook marrying Yelp or any other local search engine can attain 3 very important things –

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1. Social networking sites can finally pump relevance apart from usual connections and make the platform more usable and relevant.

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2. Monetization will be easier since fresh local content tagged with relevant hypertargetted ads can work wonder for both users as well as company.

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3. The much needed importance of categorizing in social networks will be solved by inserting social local search. For example, if I’m looking for local doctors then my social graph can easily plot it through local search engines than by other kind of search like google or yahoo.

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May be I’ll try to articulate similar thoughts on grounds. But as of now, what do you think about this proposition? Does it makes sense to you guys if local search is inserted into social networking platforms..