Today’s big news is that twitter is thinking to consider crawling of content and links (that are included in tweets) and begin to index those pages. Also Twitter Search will also get a reputation ranking system, which will take into account the reputation of the person who wrote each tweet and rank search results in part based on that.

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Now it’s really big news considering if Twitter is able to do the same, then we will definitely see lots of changes apparently in the web’s dynamic as it will form the contour of real-time search mechanism.

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So what are these changes are we taking about? Prima facie, I can predict couple of changes in the way Google created a host of services which formed SEO, SEM and allied services. I’ll try to list some of the evidential changes I forsee in the future, albeit depends on how twitter takes these changes to its users.

  1. It creates a great opportunity for SEO professionals who I guess will quickly move into the system to monetize since brands will now give more & more interests via links and moreover users are already connecting with brands from each tweet to another.
  2. Google will be impacted since it has more or less won the search engine battle with Yahoo, Microsoft and other services like Mahalo, Craiglist etc but it hasn’t yet developed anything for indexing real-time cues via links/texts. So twitter initially will thrust hard to create a niche category of real-time searchers.
  3. People with high reputations in Twitter like Guy Kawasaki, CNN etc will have more influence without any doubt since it consider reputation ranking system. Thats means that they will try to push more link based content to gain more popularity. Already we will check that seeing Tweetmeme acting as popularity filter for twitter.
  4. This will become industry wide norm if twitter is able to categorically index and rank web’s currency i.e. content & links. But that will need content filters which I think Twitter won’t have much problem since they already have something in place called Advanced Twitter Search.
  5. A definite fallout of URL shorteners lik tinyurl, or etc is evidential if twitter is going to index content and links. But my two cents on RWW news article.
  6. Since twitter primarily focussed on mobile as one of the interfaces, I think twitter will stress more on the medium – also because looking at the recent mobile penetration growth across the world, I think twitter won’t forego this opportunity to extend its search capabilities as well as monetization intent.
  7. There is a huge possibility that Twitter may extend it core 140 characters “What are you Doing” meme to newer itenary like top trending news feeds page which can act as one point stop for real-time news information.
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More thoughts on the same as it develops. These are my quick scribbling of whatever I can forsee in the immediate future. You can add more juice if you have any ideas in your mind.

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