This didn’t came as a surprise to me since we have been hearing about it all this while that Google Video sharing site, YouTube has been bleeding for sometime now. But we were not able to put it in pen & paper.

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Now Internet Evolution came up with this nifty analysis wherein it was found that Google’s YouTube is losing up to $1.65M a day. Won’t get into the mess right away since the post has cleared all sorts of doubts but we got to understand one thing that it is based on assumptions from daily revenues derived by Credit Suisse & Bear Stearns.

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Some of the more interesting pointers from the report are:

  • The average visitor to YouTube costs Google more than a dollar ($513 million to $663 million in estimated losses divided by 375 million unique visitors).
  • According to Credit Suisse, YouTube could pay up to $260 million — about $710,000 a day — to acquire content in 2009.
  • Given market estimates of about $2 per gigabyte of video storage, it’s possible Google spends roughly $13 million — $36,000 every day — to store YouTube’s stock in trade.
  • Assuming Google spents 38.4 percent of total revenues on overheads for YouTube and factoring high-end estimated revenue of $240 million for YouTube in 2009, the cost of YouTube revenues conceivably amounts to roughly $92 million, or $252,054 daily. If you prefer the low-end revenue estimate of $90 million, the cost of YouTube revenues would be $34.5 million, or $94,520 per day.
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Ughh! Too much I must say and also one point to remember is that YouTube’s primary source of revenues is online ads that you see in site pages and too bad that recessionary effects has taken a downbeat on advertising revenues too. So no respite unless $GOOG decides to hive it off or do something differently with its business model.

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