If you haven’t heard it then the big news today is that twitter got its first user with 1 million followers with all the pomp & the show (if you want to call it that ways).

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No, its not the Scobleizer nor was it the twitter account or their founders but it was one movie star who few months back wasn’t there on twitter in the first place. Now he can be called the “The Twitter Lord” if number of followers is a parameter to judge. So congrats from my side (smirk) and now my rant continues.

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Blame it on twitter I guess since their suggested user list has already made its round of criticism from tech fraternity and even I too have my doubts whether its a good way to showcase the best twitter has for the newbies who are joining twitter in the first place. On the hindsight, its always true that superstars (and there aren’t dearth of it in Twitter) have a upper hand because of their stardom and its easy for them to have more number of followers than usual tweeps like us. But my rant is more about why the heck, then so much noise all about? BTW, thank God, its all end and MR. TWITTER himself will now donate some 10,000 odd bed nets to fight malaria in Africa (good for him).

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Now act two, when the drama queen, Oprah Winfrey is already sitting on the pile of twitter followers of about 66,000+ even though she hasn’t wrote a single character. It was always true that Twitter has always been a platform for shameless promotion and we all have done our rounds but looking at stars throwing their guts out for follower counts makes me laugh, applause and wonder about being called as losers.

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But one good thing will surely happen out of all this – TWITTER WILL FINALLY HIT MAINSTREAM. Other than that, I don’t know why so much hoopla!

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Even more so, I don’t want to follow all these caricatures, partly because of my own notions:

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1. Twitter is platform to connect & communicate. I bet that these superstars (now called Twitter-stars) won’t even connect since the price is skewed towards becoming a commodity.

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2. When such hype happens, then startups like these often fumble or caught between how to progress as its always under the purview of media and people. More on it here

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3. Who are all these so-called surprises arising from nowhere and getting the bait. Ashton Kutcher who has done nothing good other than marrying Demi Moore (not to mention about his second grade movies with 3rd grade acting skills).

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So I would follow a normal so called tweep who has some value for me and whom I can provide some value. Infact, that has been my so called following policy on twitter. I hope those people who are following these stars have a reason!

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Rant off!

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Image credit: BoomTown

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