Funny right! But few days back while discussing the present & future of online advertising, a friend pulled a bouncer by pointing this question – What do you do when outdoor billboard ads are directly compared with online banner ads?

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One thing is for sure – this question lacked the marked difference between outdoor billboards and online advertisements but this gives me some flesh to ponder upon and jot down certain points.

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Pondering over the question made me wonder if nowadays traditional marketers are asking these sort of questions – remembering the fact what I wrote yesterday about how to integrate digital & traditional media, I think these sort of questions pose too many problems like:

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1. Traditional marketers are still trapped into unidirectional monologue mindset.

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2. Advertising, be it outdoor or mainstream television are like push strategy which many traditional marketers are yet to denounce.

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3. Thirdly, the intent of the question says a lot about status quo of online ads and the reach which many online advertisers can attain.

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First things first, couple of things are to be borne in mind – Youth is the next target market, be it Financial products, telecom companies, FMCG players etc (btw, they are the majority who have joined quickly for online medium). Also due to economic shift, the spending power has also shifted to the youth and considering Indian stats, Youth comprised of more than 50% of country’s population.

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Now the next thing to be remembered is where are these youths spending most of their time. I don’t have any doubts that most of them are hooked in some sort of social networks or some sort of infotainment portals connected via table top PC’s or mobile. Secondly, it makes all the more sense for either generating sales leads (if thats the order of the day) or brand awareness campaign via banner ads.

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Lastly, to counter the headline i.e. What Do You Do When Outdoor Billboards Are Compared With Online Banner Ads – this would have been one of my takes;

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How many youths are seeing those outdoor billboard ads and recalling them? Also online advertising presents a case wherein the ads follow the end consumers whereas traditional media don’t.

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Do you see a shift in the word play? Yes, the shift is imminent. Nowadays, consumers know it all. They have review sites like MouthShut or Yelp to help them out to buy a new product. Consumers buy on recommendation of peers more than seeing some jazzy ads over television. I can go on and on continuing my traditional versus digital rant, but thats not what I want to present here. I arduously believe that traditional and digital combined together can always give 360 degree pump.

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Also we should by now realize that its time that we take the medium to the consumers and not wait for them to come to us. Otherwise I don’t see why Ford‘s trying out this alternate strategy just for the sake of it.

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