Call me purist or whatever but I don’t know why but nothing gladdens me more than when public opinion is stopped from being influenced by those carpet bombed political ads over TV, Radio, Internet and whatever mass media there is.

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So in such moves, Indian political parties are stopped from encashing on the popularity of the IPL have suffered a setback with the league management making it amply clear that it will not allow telecast of any political advertisements during the second edition of the mega cricket event.

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Remembering sometime back when IPL was moved out of India, Govt. was blamed since security was being a major issue.

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Even this blog has been the sufferer of so called political ads which in no way relevant to the readers and many has been vociferous to remove it. And I’ve done so (I guess).

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More on that, may be via my tweets but I don’t want to extrapolate much on the same.

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By the way, what are your thoughts? Do these so-called ads influence/influenced you in some way since this is one of the most crucial time for India Inc and partly its rested on us to choose a stable Government?

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Also read more on some info based on India Elections 2009 I wrote before.

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