Just couple of random thoughts – Okay, let me go back and start from the beginning. I was reading this interesting article from NYT when the thought struck me. Read on

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The article quoted as:

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Twitter has now reached a scale that most of the larger media companies — whether traditional or Internet media companies — are starting to think, ‘We need to have a Twitter strategy; All the people you’ve heard of and more are coming to Twitter saying, ‘We want to do something with you.’” – Fred Wilson, the Union Square Ventures partner who was an early investor in Twitter.

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There I was and my #thoughexpress. Is twitter a media company or a tech startup? I’m sure in the fall of 2005 when they hatched the idea of starting this cool service and laid the first foundation in March 2006, they didn’t have the clue that this smallish small startup can be the internet’s next favorite darling. But as fate has it own course, now it is!

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But lets beat it! Twitter has reached to a point where all sort of media and tech gurus are taking their pot shots about what are they gonna go with it? (Note: I’ve my own say on the same, may be in the next few posts).

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But the big question in my mind is – how do you run a company like twitter? Do you run it like a Media company or a tech startup?

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Question: Question to all startup enthusiasts – what do you do when a promising startup gets much needed traction in the market due to media but from the core its a tech startup?

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But it all boils down to one point for us – marketers i.e. tangible return on investment (that’s why such a title). I agree that with the present set of metrics we work with in traditional companies, twitter can be a boring monostream from peer to peer but its within those intricately twisted and complicated conversation lie the pot of gold. Now the big question is who’s gonna make the hay in the sun? Also included my two cents – HOW?

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