Found some interesting information/links to share with you that I found in the whole day. If you follow me in twitter, then definitely you must have followed along. However, if not then here’s a small snippet for you guys.

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1. You can book Tata Nano from Today (if you missed this one and thinking to buy one soon, then today is your lucky day)

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2. Transcript of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s Q&A at NAA (Newspaper Association of America) – Link

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3. Email providers will need to have servers in India (Link). But as someone pointed out that “In Y! Mail which uses ids, I can get a .com id by setting my location to US. How would gmail solve such things?” Do I really have to comment – I guess, you guys are the better judge!

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4. Today I’ve decided that from now on I won’t be sharing too much information (personal i.e.) in Facebook since it has become more like a virtual public profile where the value of conversations can only increase when I add more. More on this later, may be via a blog post (Tweet Link).

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5. Today came to know about Apple‘s Official Twitter handle – it’s @AppleCare. (Tweet Link)

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6. After having thorough conversation with @Anaggh on Social Media, we have decided to have a social media twitter meetup along with @Saurabh. I hope other guys will also chip in.

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More on stuff like these as I read more…

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