Report came sometime back that StumbleUpon, the social bookmarking site has stumbled out of its parent company, Ebay. StumbleUpon which was a subsidiary of eBay for the last two years, today returns to being an independent company. It was taken over by the auction giant in 2007 for $75 million.

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Infact, it was predicted sometime back it was on Ebay’s selling list. Recently, it even garnered 7 million hits to its site but surely it deserves more than that.

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Also, I’m a firm believer that startup companies can do much better than being under a acquired company. Look at how Skype owners are trying to pull it back from Ebay too. Also looking at the past at how startups acquired by big elephants have fared, then the profitability or for that matter the fair heads on looks abysmal. Example, Google acquiring YouTube. But look how Apple has become when Steve Jobs came on board and clearly changed the game not only for themselves but also the whole industry.

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So hope this works for them well!

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