Don’t believe me – righto! Just think about it for a while while I complete my thoughtexpress. First up, couple of points about me.

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First, I am was never a geek. Neither do I consider myself a geek until now. If you’ve been through my profile then I don’t think I would have left any impression of my geekery. Second, I was amazed by the way, many of my online friends have evolved all this while I was on social networking sites, microblogging sites or anywhere I had my footprint across the web.

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But things have changed for the past couple of years. If you’re like me who spends almost half of his time in digital world, then I’m sure you would have also seen this trend.

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People nowadays are talking about Apps, API’s, Location based Services (LBS) via Maps, mobile networking, crossing the digital chasm etc who earlier weren’t using such terminologies. Please don’t consider that I’m belittling anyone out here – I’m just trying to pull a string from my digital hat.

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But now people are amazed, curious and more so conversing in geekery lingo which I found myself swayed into some type of conversation. Earlier I was just a marketing blogger who used to get inquisitive about how the marketing world is getting shaped with all these new new social technologies arriving.

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But now we have made it a part of this social digital ecosystem. Thanks to platform like twitter, friendfeed and late join in geekdom, Facebook who have made communication so easy that sharing, learning and translating information have become so easy.

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Yes, it has. Earlier I would to just chat with my couple of friends in some chat applets which has now given way to status messages which is the order of the day. But now, once again as I said earlier, simpleton has changed into internet geek – example being Me.

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But thats okay, since its exciting, interesting and moreover its something which can connect two or more people across the world without even knowing personally which wasn’t possible few years back. Thanks to social networking platforms and now microblogging platforms.

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But the big question is where are we going with this?

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I bet this trend will continue. Now twitter is web’s darling and next up will be something else. But we will see more & more simpleton like me converting into geeks; that means more users to spread & share information.

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One of the major reason is that web’s social fabric is quite intertwined. Either you’re a part of it or you’re a simple casual onlooker. But interesting-ness happens when you connect – connect to the extent you deliver or add value to your ecosystem or stay aloof by hitting a private button. Choice is completely yours but I don’t think thats the idea.

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So, consider yourself informed that the Web will surely change you – good way or bad is upto you but surely change is imminent.

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