Today is 1st April if you remember and the time when everyone tries to make fool out of everyone with pranks. So what do the web fraternity do on this day?

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They do what they do best – i.e. build something so interestingly realistic that we fall for it thinking it to be genuine. Thats what the likes of Google, SlideShare, Amazon, Flickr etc have done. You can definitely get a hawk-eye’s view of the technogeek pranks being played today which celebrates to spirit “April Fools Day“.

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Even lot of people on twitter, facebook, gmail, friendfeed blah blah social networks have tried their rounds to do the best they could. But I was thinking to list out the winner amongst all. Though this year, the competition was quite stiff but someone has to take the cake for sure.

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So for me I would rank to be No. 1 this year pulling the best April Fool prank. Also read what Reddit guys have to say about this one. Just look at the screenshot below:

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Some of the other best pulled pranks are as follows which I liked in terms of creativity and virality:

  • The Guardian switches over to Twitter after 188 years of Ink- Link
  • Slideshare has faking number of views of certain slideshows and asking it to endorse the idea and spread it with #bestofslideshare. Even they tried it on me – but guess me too smart for them. Hehe 🙂
  • Google’s CADIE (Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity) – Something out of my scope of understanding. BTW it has its own blog too!
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So what else have you guys encountered on 1st April? Share, share…

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