Matt Dickman aka Techno Marketer comes up with Q1 2009 Global Trend report for Facebook. From the report, I’ve tried to bring forward some of the interesting statistics from Indian user base in Facebook.

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Before that, some of the key takeways of the report are:

  • Large gains in western Europe and the Pacific Rim.
  • In total Facebook has 183,771,740 worldwide users as of the end of Q1 2009.
  • The U.S. only makes up 1/3 of the total Facebook population.
  • The Philippines and Indonesia has massive gains of over 160% from Q4.
  • The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ecuador, Macedonia and Oman all had greater than 100% gains from Q4
  • Nearly 40% of the population of Iceland is on Facebook
  • 30% of the total population of Canada, Denmark and Norway are on Facebook
  • The U.S. (14.4), Italy (2.91), UK (2.85), France (2.47), Turkey (2.18), Spain (1.67), Indonesia (1.46), Argentina (1.15), Colombia (1.10) and Australia (1.08) had gains of over 1 million users in Q1 2009
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Some pulling over to Indian spot in terms of numbers, position and ranking, I would say numbers say give a positive trend altogether.

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Some of key pointers from Indian user base are:

  • India is poised at 20th spot on Facebook in terms of numbers.
  • From Q4 2008 to Q1 2009, there have been approximately ~50% jump in terms of users from India (i.e. from 1,072,080 users in Q4 2008 to 1,602,860 users in Q1 2009) – Don’t mind the Q4/Q1 since in US accounting terms their financial year ends in December. So the current stats are till March end 2009, hence Q1 2009 for them.
  • Facebook has crossed 180+ million users in March end 2009. Previously when I reported it was about 150 million users.
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After a quick of these stats, was just wondering where are we going from here. Any thoughts?

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