Have been waiting for this for quite sometime when it broke in the webosphere about friendfeed getting a new look. Now its up (though I officially got the news from Techcrunch who’s story is running now). Infact, Robert Scoble has been evangelizing about it from last week and it got me all excited since I’ve always liked friendfeed as a great service to spread amongst my peers. But too bad since it has always attracted more of geekophile followings.

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So where has it landed with the new look. First of all, sitting in my room in some place called Mumbai, India where I believe they haven’t yet enabled the new look but I’ll still take my pot shot just by looking at it from the screenshot that their official blog has to offer.

  • My first reaction was – Isn’t it looking like Twitter? But what the heck; even Facebook went that way! May be it is becoming industry norm for real-time status updates.
  • Now I can subscribe to likes and comments separately as feeds. That’s something I was looking forward to since there have been some great conversation which is worth checking out in feeds.
  • A new and improved share box that can now post entries to multiple feeds. *wow* I like that!
  • The ability to send and receive direct messages (Direct Messages – isn’t that twitter lingo!)
  • Filters so you don’t miss a post from a certain friend or an entry about a specific topic – hope in the long run they develop this feature into realtime search feature.
  • And, its REALTIME, truly REALTIME. There’s no longer a need for refreshing — every view in FriendFeed now updates in real-time.
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Here a video to watch out for:

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Will be writing more on it as it develops!

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So how do you like the new features? Worth the shift or will be it just another blip in the realtime microblogging radar?

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