I was reading this Business Standard article today, wherein they mentioned that last month India added the highest number of subscribers. Whoa! The numbers are delight worthy IMHO.

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To put in pen & paper, here are the numbers (courtesy Trak.in article)

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…added a record 15.64 million wireless subscribers. Those subscribers are both GSM and  CDMA combined. Indian subscriber addition dwarfs China’s as China adds 4 million subscribers per month. Tele-density has increased from 35.65% to 36.98%. More than a percentage point increase in a month.

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Now that is the number part of the story. What’s going to happen some years from now? The Trak.in article also points some interesting number crunching due to this regards, wherein the author puts his stats.

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I would say for at least 3-5 years. India has around 420 million telephone connections right now. With an average rate of 10 million additions it will get to 800 million in 3 years. Looking at the pace 10 million is a modest rate of growth. At the end of 3 years in 2012, India would overtake China with around 780 million subscribers. China will be having 750 million subscribers.

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So are we heading towards the bottleneck situation wherein growth in terms of numbers won’t be the order of the day? So what will…

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How about this proposition? Future of Indian telecom industry depends on content. Yes, you can say Sampad is hypothesizing distant future but I truly believe the way this industry is shaping, interesting times are ahead of us. The power of connecting with audience will shift from channel to more platform oriented content. Thats why no wonder we are seeing so many MVAS (Mobile Value Added Services) oriented companies proliferating in the last couple of years. Further more, I bet that these MVAS services will operate more on subscription model like Apple’s iPhone has already revolutioned the smartphone industry with their App store.

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But along with my positive outlook, there are of course some caveats – viz. adoption of these services at a consumer level by network operators who still hold much of the control and letting go their control is something that I don’t think is going to come easy. Also as I said content will be king for future mobile services – so stress has to be put more on content now. This also can be a good revenue generation model for both 3rd party apps vendor as well as network operators on a long run. Infact, I got some interesting MVAS stats from Pluggdin.

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More thoughts on it later as it evolves. Till then, what do you think of such proposition. Will it hold true for the future of mobile industry?

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