Last week, over at twitter as usual I was discussing #socialmedia with some of my friends. Laters, I posted a tweet on the same.

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My intentions are crucial at this juncture. It was not to de-value anyone or any organization but more to understand how different social media experts, enthusiasts, evangelists (like me) or simply those love this new way of connecting with people see this medium.

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Below is the tweet link:

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What followed is quite interesting to note – people re-tweeted (RT) it across their networks. Some even went on to share links which provides interesting points that there can’t be any social media experts since the whole idea is too nebulous at this point of time.

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But Sumant gave me an interesting filler that I should throw some questions for people interested in this domain and crowdsource it to understand what people think of this medium/platform, whatever you want to call it.

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So here’s my 5 top of the mind questions for all those who are interested to carry it forward. Not that we don’t know the answer or there is any one answer to those questions but yes, aggregating mass brain power would be really helpful and perceptibly beneficial for all of us (at least that’s what my very idea is).

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1. Should social media focus more on audience (market) or product? And why…

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2. Is it possible to metricize engagement in social media et all or we are fooling ourselves?

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3. Is social media scalable to the extent of monetization?

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4. Why haven’t we still got over-the-top recall of Indian social media examples? What are the problems, reasons or plausiable solutions?

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5. How much truth is this – “Social Media success in Indian context is good in presentation slides and damn’d in execution?”

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Now if you’re interested to Join the Conversation, then lets have a debate over the comments section. If the idea works, then I’ll repost another story on the same. For your convenience to spread the idea elsewhere you can use the hastag #SMExpert.