Many years from now when I’ll be old enough to tell my kids a story about a revolution called “Social Networking”, then surely this day will figure on my mind. Reason being – sometime soon, Facebook (No. 1 Social Networking platform) will host its 200 millionth users.

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With this initiative, Facebook also launched a space in Facebook world called “Facebook for Good” to celebrate and support all of these voices and their potential to improve the world where people can share their stories about how Facebook has helped them give back to their communities, effect change or connect with a distant relative.

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But apparently, Facebook touched this magical figure couple of weeks back i.e. on 27th March, 2009 as reported by AllFacebook. Infact, it also reports that right now Facebook stands tall at approximately 207 million users and somehow for unknown reasons they have substracted 7 million! But who gives since we are now talking 200 million which if counted in terms of country wise population, then it would be world’s 5th largest populous country.

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But amidst all that, what will be more interesting is the revenue growth plans for Facebook. Till now it hasn’t disclosed its revenues (correct me if I’m wrong) but industry sources say that its burn rate is about $100 million a year and its not seeking any more VC money.

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But CTR (Click Through Rates) which is a function of CPC and CPM is very less for social networking sites. It falls in the boundary of about 0.05% of display ads which is far below the industry average of 0.2% to 0.5% for typical sites and 1% to 5% range for search campaigns.

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So lets wait & watch when Facebook officially declares it revenues.

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But for now, Facebook camp can really be happy with their increasing eye-balls in which roughly two-thirds of visitors are non-US. Also, its fastest-growing segment is not across younger demographics, as one might expect, but women 55 years and older.

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