Twitter has its own search; Friendfeed has it too (though its more geekophilic); Facebook has it; LinkedIn has it – Infact most of the social sites we browse casually throughout the day have the search feature.

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Some gives us inward search (like within the site itself like Facebook, LinkedIn) and some are more evolved like twitter’s search which gives us more realtime feeds of whatever is happening, not only in our own network but shows us results from around the world (more keyword specific search; Example).

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At this juncture, I was wondering if future social sites can exist survive without evolved search feature, integrated within it?

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Nowadays we hear so much about search that twitter (the latest internet darling) is being valued in heaps, more because of its searchability feature rather than its 14 millions users which proliferated at a hurricane pace of 1200+ growth Y-o-Y.

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But what sort of search are we all looking at? This is one question which has been on the top of my mind for the past few days. I’ve myself tried out experimenting with different types of search features across all the social sites I’m attached with. Some are too evolved like friendfeed’s advanced search option and some are crude like Slideshare IMO.

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So after self-ruminating over this issue for sometime now, I’ve filtered my thoughts on 3 basic tenets I’m looking for in a future search feature of any social site:

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1. Search should be more people-centric. I want to know more about the emotional connect of what, when and why a user is sharing any information via links, pictures or videos. Remember, I’m talking about *social* sites. The intent makes all the difference!

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2. Search should be more outward facing and inward friendly. For example, if I’m trying to find a specific type of oranges from South America and no one from my network posted anything on it then I should be able to get into the network of other people and get their point of view about it. Yeah, privacy is an issue but if we can filter personal information from general info then wallah; nothing better than that!

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3. Social sites should encourage more categorical search. What I mean by this is simple – I need more tag based, category based search which will filter out the noise easily from my main information.

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The reason I’m mulling over search in social sites is simple – most of my activities over web is based out of social sites starting from microblogging sites to social networking sites. And since I’m a big supporter of  users’ ease and mobility, so finding something crucial over those networks is more gratifying than opening up a new window pane for Google/Yahoo/Live.

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Though my ideas/thoughts are bit sketchy and will refine and fine-tune it along the way – but what do you think about this? Can we have a headstart on this one? Do you think that along the Webolution, we will require more searchability from social sites?

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P.S. I’m not considering the technical difficulties of extending search feature for social sites as of now. However, if you’re smart enough to guide me, then it would be helpful!

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