Here are the weekly wrap up stories from 22nd-28th March, 2009 in whatever happened in Web, technology and few more interesting stuff.

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So last week’s happenings are as follows:

  • India Social Media Summit 2009: I wrote a round up post in whatever happened in the social media summit 2009 organized Exchange4Media & Blogworks with association of
  • Tata Nano Launched: On 23th March, Tata Nano (world’s smallest car) was unveiled for the public view. But customers have to wait for couple of months more to actually drive it. Read More
  • Twitter Monetized by going “Paid Pro Accounts”: Finally, twitter has disclosed some part of their monetization plans by opening up of paid pro account primarily targeted towards high fliers in twitterverse. Read More
  • Media Companies Ask Google to Favor Their Content Over Blogs: Major media companies are increasingly lobbying Google to elevate their expensive professional content within the search engine’s undifferentiated slush of results. Source
  • Marketer’s Moving to Social Media: 63% of companies have said they are increasing their social media marketing spends. Read more
  • Video advertising within online games is more effective than TV advertising: A study commissioned by NeoEdge Networks, a Mountain View, CA-based casual gaming advertising network, says that video advertising within online games is more effective than TV advertising. Preliminary results of the study, which will conclude at the end of this month, seem to indicate online gaming audiences are more inclined to remember and positively percieve brands who experiment with pre, mid and post-roll video advertisements inside Web-based games. Source
  • YouTube Blocked in China, Google Says: Google said Tuesday that its YouTube video-sharing Web site had been blocked in China (Source)
  • Google Aims to Connect Ads for TV, YouTube: Google is developing technology to connect its TV-ad brokering business to YouTube and eventually video on other Web sites, as it struggles to lure bigger advertisers to both services. Source
  • Google tweaks search result layouts — The search giant says it’s deploying a new technology that can understand associations and related concepts. So, for example, if you search for “time travel,” now you might get related terms like “Donnie Darko”. The other change is that search results now have longer snippets, so you can more easily tell what a page contains without having to click on it to find out. Basically, Google will continue to dominate search. The Google Blog has more.
  • Access Internet without PC through @Box: Hyderabad-based Ichip India Limited has come out with a low-cost Internet access device called @Box through which one can access the Internet on any television set or VGA (video graphic array) monitor without a personal computer (PC). Source
  • Flying car finally takes off – Back to the Future predicted roads full of flying autos by 2015, and now we have our first step with angel-backed Terrafugia, the plane you can drive to the airport before hitting the runway.
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