Here are the weekly wrap up stories from 15th-21st March, 2009 in whatever happened in Web, technology and few more interesting stuff.

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So last week’s happenings are as follows:

  • IBM has developed Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol (HSTP) which will allow users to talk to web: IBM India has developed a technology that will allow users to talk to the web and create voice sites using mobile phones- Source
  • Twitter surpasses major UK newspaper sites: Twitter has now overtaken most of the UK newspapers online. Last week, Twitter received more UK Internet visits than the homepages of the Guardian, Times, Sun and Telegraph. It also over took Google News UK. Of the main newspaper homepages, only the Daily Mail received more UK Internet visits than Twitter last week – Source
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  • Dell launches Adamo: Verdict from the pics I’ve seen over the net is cool! Read more here & here
  • Social-Networking Sites to See Slower Ad Growth: Advertising-spending growth on social networks is going to take a major hit amid the recession and the sites’ continued struggle to develop effective ad models, reports WSJ
  • Nokia to cut 1,700 jobs: Nokia will slash 1,700 jobs globally over the coming few months because of falling demand and hence sinking phone market. Source
  • IBM looking forward to buy Sun Microsystems: I.B.M. has shown interest in acquiring the server computer maker Sun Microsystems for nearly $7 billion (Source) But there is a possibility of antitrust scrutiny since the merged company would hold 65 percent of the $17 billion market for Unix servers- Source
  • WPP, Google to Fund Web-Ad Research: Google along with ad agency heavyweight WPP, is plowing $4.6 million into a three-year research program on “how ads in traditional and digital media work together to influence consumer choices. Read more
  • Data Visualization Is Reinventing Online StorytellingInteresting read
  • Survey report- Indian Cyber cafe Audience: A Nielsen survey reveals that the anonymous throng of cyber café audience has a profile much sought-after by marketers- Source
  • SXSW 2009 Roundup: Recap of Marketing Secrets: Rohit Bhargava pulled some interesting pointers on marketing secrets from SXSW conference. Read more here
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