Twitter has been a revelation of some sorts for bloggers. I remember when I joined Twitter in 2007 when things were just shaping up for the stage. Then, I used to use social bookmarking tools like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Sphinn etc to an extent of an avid user.

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Now things have changed. Now I’ve constricted myself to more of Delicious (for some unknown reasons) and of course twitter, friendfeed to a large extent and Facebook somewhat. One of the major reasons these tools come in handy especially for bloggers is the kind of word-of-mouth it generates.

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Recently I’ve observed that many bloggers have started taking the word-of-mouth to the extent of virality with a specific button. Its more like a “Re-Tweet” button which helps an article to achieve infectious power of word-of-mouth. To understand the scientific reason behind the power of re-tweet, I would recommend a must read from Mashable called “The Science of Re-Tweets“.

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So I’m trying to understand this interesting phenomenon and for this I’m installing a Re-Tweet button (Courtesy- TweetMeme) in my blog. So if you feel like retweeting, feel free to do so from the article itself.

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