It’s always true that a picture speaks a thousand words! Is it the case for this picture below too! Nowadays I’m seeing how Web 2.0 is being used less & less over blogs, news, articles or anything that has to do with internet and usage of the term Web 2.0!

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So I did some backend Google trend search and to my surprise it’s really the case. Web 2.0 is lost its golden touch. I remember TechCrunch validified the same trend last month too!

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I went a step ahead and tried to see how Social Media fared vis-a-vis Web 2.0. No surprise there since we can see a cross-over between Web 2.0 & Social Media just recently.

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Even if you tried to see how Web 2.0 fared in Google Insights, same trend follows!

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So do we say that Web 2.0 has seen its daylight or we are just bored with it. The way I see it, I think we have killed Web 2.0! How about that? Any takers on that…

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