The title says it all! Twitter for February 2009 hits about 8 million unique visitors totaling to about 62+ million visits for the month. On the hindsight, MySpace is falling considerably w.r.t. Facebook in social networking space.

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Though Twitter’s growth was something much expected and I won’t dub it as phenomenal but looking at the stats for its users attention (engagement), I would say that this is just the beginning since users (tweeps) day in, day out are redefining the usage pattern of twitter starting from using the platform for feedback system to product reviews along with link resources with social recommendations. Though this is just the tiny part of how twitter can be used.

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Below are the latest statistics for twitter:

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Twitter in terms of Attention (Engagement):

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Now for the general state of social networks, MySpace has dropped nearly 10% at 53 million UV’s w.r.t. Facebook’s 73+ UV’s in February, 2009.

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Looking at the charts, it seems that MySpace is losing ground wrt no.1 social network i.e. Facebook and the overall trend is also negative for them. Soon enough, MySpace have to put their thinking hats on!

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I’ll be following more trends like these, so keep visiting and dropping your valuable comments as usual.

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