Social media usage is on a roll in metropolitan China. In particular, 40% are Creators — those who publish blogs, Web pages, articles, stories, videos, or audio/music content using social technologies.

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There are three groups that use social media very heavily: young adults, online shoppers, and the middle class. In response to this environment, online marketing in China will evolve quickly. Marketers will broaden their approach from mostly soliciting user-generated content to also creating their own. They will test and then reject disreputable practices in blogs and forums. And they will start taking a longer view of customer relationships.

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Recently I was going through a post wherein the statistics about Chinese social media usage was elaborately listed. It was startling to think about the numbers even though China falls under the scrutiny of internet censorship. Recently too, reports suggested that YouTube (world’s No. 1 video sharing platform) is being banned in China.

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Some of the important points covered in the article mentioned above are as follows:

  • Social media in China is mainstream.
  • Content creation among Chinese netizens is more common than in the West.
  • BBS discussion forums trump social networks in China.
  • Chinese social media users have higher incomes, education, and consumption levels, compared to non-users.
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This presented an interesting case if we think India into perspective where we are still in the process of understanding engagement and participation. Though there aren’t dearth of social media users in India but what’s more alluring for brand marketers is how to monetize this ever growing platform. Read more on my take on recently held India social media summit 2009.

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