In a world where conversations are too many, especially online and it’s pretty darn difficult to capture the essense of all, so what do you do? Enter Skittles – A Candy Maker which replaced its entire homepage with its Twitter stream. The only think that’s left is a widget-like navigation console in the upper left part of the screen, but lo and behold: instead of pointing you to some company PR nonsense, it sends you to the Skittles entry on other popular social destinations: Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr.

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I woke up early in the morning and saw Skittles in the twitter trending. Was surprised by its name and more so as it went up to no. 1 trending for all day long. Didn’t had much time to pen my thoughts but now I’ve and will put forward.

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First of all, that’s a neat piece of work in terms of the idea execution. I won’t comment on the design, UI and all that since others have already commented on the same. But just lend me your ears for sometime. If you visit, Skittles homepage, it’s but obvious that you will see a twitter search lookalike but there’s something more to it. If we look from a Marketing point of view, it’s basically a limitless twitter search as consumer products home page. Who cares if you don’t have a site of your own – the idea is to let people know about your brand and look how they have fared! Not bad I should say since everyone from Alaska to Timbuktoo now knows about Skittle. Though they have scored some negative points too along the way. But what the heck! 🙂

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Below is the screenshot of it:

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For more, follow Mashable, VentureBeat, Laura Fitton. BTW I think John Battelle reported it first, if I’m not wrong.

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