Recently I read this article from New York Times which had an inteview with Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft on “Why Microsoft Continues to Chase Internet Search” dream.

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Lots of nuggets to rant about but I’ll refrain from that and concentrate on one sentence which he eloquently placed in that interview.

There are only three things on the Internet that have made money: Amazon, eBay and Google.

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Now I particularly won’t disagree with him on that but I’ve this gut feel that he’s taking a very sidey way to tackle this problem of not able to succesfully monetize Microsoft’s search engine venture “Live“. Also he mentions that Microsoft is in search because that’s where the money is.

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Somehow I feel the whole intention is wrong. If we dissect those 3 business models, then it boils down to three critical points – Service, Data & Link. Also there’s a 4th most important point that can be inserted between those points i.e. value addition to one’s life in simple way.

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That’s why Google was able to topple Yahoo way back and no one was able to outrun eBay or Amazon in their space.

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Infact, my take on that is that search always doesn’t lead to money but yes, constructing a profitable human service with consistent deliverance over a period of time will.

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