Pondered over the weekend about having more conversations in this blog. Boiled down to two commenting system – Disqus and Intense Debate?

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Some of the reasons why I like both the services are:

  • Both allows easy commenting which converts into conversations with nifty features to pull conversations from across the web like twitter, facebook, friendfeed etc.
  • Threading is another features which allows commenting back not only to the blogger but also commenter which again multiplies into broad gauged conversations.
  • Individual rating of comments and feedback is also easy which enables both the reader as well as blogger to understand the nature and depth of the content.
  • Furthermore, it seems that these commenting system attract google juice (search engine) since they are SEO friendly. So it helps the cause too!
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For the start, I’ve linked in to IntenseDebate (call it my love for Automattic who owns both IntenseDebate and WordPress where this blog is hosted). But still undecided since I like those the systems and their features!

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So you may have totally radical ideas about these two systems. Would like to hear from you more on this one! So please suggest which one is more conversation friendly? Since you’re the better judge, so would leave the judgment to you folks!

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Below is a short poll on the same (feed readers, you got to click through)

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