I’m a big supporter of set standards and protocols in online advertisements. So when SAI reported that 27 Huge Online Publishers are going to join hands to Replace the Banner formats, it got me excited.

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Not because it’s going to revolutionize the online advertising platform or publishers mindset par se instantly but more due to the results and insights that these formats will bring in for other publishers. I’ve always thought about it (more so in my earlier post through IAMAI digital marketing conference last year) where online advertising standardization was one of the topic. Though definite conclusion was not reached but surely it was something to be thought about.

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The 27 participating publishers are:

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BabyCenter, Bizjournals, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, CBS Interactive, CNN, Condé Nast Digital, Discovery Communications, ESPN, Forbes.com, FOXNews Digital, IDG, iVillage Network, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Meredith Interactive, msnbc.com, MTV Networks, NBC Universal, New York Media, The New York Times, Reed Business Information, Reuters, Time Inc., USA Today, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, Weather.com

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These 27 publishers which has a reach of about 109 million unique visitors per month (that’s nearly 66% of the total U.S. Internet audience) have agreed to try one of three new online ad formats sometime before July.

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Here’s how an OPA (online publishers association) rep described the units:

  • The Fixed Panel (recommended dimension is 336 wide x 860 tall), which looks naturally embedded into the page layout and scrolls to the top and bottom of the page as a user scrolls.
  • The XXL Box (recommended dimension is 468 wide x 648 tall), which has page-turn functionality with video capability.
  • The Pushdown (recommended dimension is 970 wide x 418 tall), which opens to display the advertisement and then rolls up to the top of the page.
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Recently enough, it was also suggested that web publishers should have ads which should be more like TV ads but I’ve two cents on such concepts. Though on short run such tactics may pay dividends but overall transforming online advertisements into television commercial typo will only be as intrusive and less subtle as online ads are today. Though it’s a catch-22 situation since publishers wants to earn more revenue by showcasing ads too along with their content but on the hindsight audiences have started ignoring those ads too.

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Nonetheless I would be awaiting the results & insights from these ad formats. Below is the screenshot of one such format:

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Image Credit: Alley Insider

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