Call it my rant or musing or whatever – last year so many things happened especially in tech, media, social media and internet space that it made me hungry for more. I’m sure you’re also one of them.

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So in this rant cum post, I’m trying to pen down my thoughts on my wait for the moment of joy from different products/services in mostly tech/media space in 2009.

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So top 10 things I’m eagarly waiting in 2009 to happen are as follows:

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1. Who is going to killing whom: Yes, right – so many posts in my blag as well as other tech/marketing blogs about who’s going to kill whom – Google killing twitter; twitter killing friendfeed; Facebook killing twitter; Twitter killing Google and so on & so forth! I hope by end of this year, I get those answers. BTW, if you ask me, then I don’t want any of these services collapsing soon enough since I equally enjoy all of it.

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2. Twitter Monetizing: Oh, this one has been every blogger’s prerogative (including mine) since twitter came into existence in March 2006 and when it went into mainstream geekism in 2007. I hope in year 2009, twitter is able to monetize itself effectively so that we can the conversations somewhere else!

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3. Indian Internet users surpassing 100 million mark: There have been lots of talk about how much is India’s internet population. I too wrote few article on that (here & here). Finally we have come to the conclusion that Indian internet users ranges around 40-50 million. I hope by the end of year 2009, that figure doubles and crosses 100 million mark – though it would comprise just 7-8% of total Indian population.

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4. Indian mobile density increase to more than 50%: Today’s mobile users stats from MediaNama stands at about 376.12 million at the end of February 2009 (TRAI Data – downloadable). But teledensity stands at just 35.65% which I believe is quite low compared to China’s growth. I hope by 2009, India’s teledensity rises more than 50% which I believe is quite achievable looking at the future prospects of mobile acceptance even in rural parts of India.

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5. Personalization over Mobile: I hope year 2009 sees more glimpse of mobile personalization – what I mean is that I hope by end of 2009, I’m able to push much of my internet consumption over mobile. That means, not only surfing which primarily means blogging or checking out my SocNets but more data consumption over mobile. Though the trend has already started but its more like a double-edged sword where content creation by vendors and allowance by networks is very important. I hope I see much happening in this sphere.

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6. Social Media getting into Indian corporate boardroom: Much of my rants around this blog have happened on Social Media. But I’ve not seen much happening in this space except for couple of media networks opening up twitter accounts or few mainstream brands doing their viral rounds through micro-sites. So I hope by end of this year, I see few if not many brands adopting social media as a strategy (long term) and not just for short term success. Infact, I’m quite sure that short term mentality won’t work since the very base of social media is consistent engagement with audiences.

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7. Global Microbrand: Last year, I ended with my social media prediction for 2009 wherein I mentioned that social media will give rise of Global Microbrand. I hope by year 2009, I’ll get to see the rise of few Indian brands taking it to the world and getting recognition at a global stage. Fingers crosses on that!

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8. More conferences, seminars etc: I’m a big supporter of conferences, seminars, unconferences etc since it fosters innovation, creativity and ground off of new new ideas. Infact, I always believed that we as a culture never had any dearth of ideas but what we lacked is execution at the grassroot level. But surely times are changing since nowadays our culture has become more tolerant and gives due credit to risk-taking. So I hope by end of this year, many new start-ups flock the startup space in tech, media, social media and alike. Though some may believe that recession can prove to be a dampener but I believe it will also attract credible VC money to those who have reliable and robust business models.

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9. Twitter goes mainstream: How can I refrain from writing this one? Yes, I hope by end of this year, twitter goes mainstream and old media folks adopt this change with open arms. Though resistance is bound to happen but I’m a great believe of change. And I also believe that major changes can never happen through casual nudging and coaxing but by a clean sweep. Fingers crossed on this one too!

Thats it. I thought of writing few more but I think this will be it until next time. So what are your thoughts on it. Do you have a list of things you want to see happening by end of year 2009? If you do, then please feel free to add your wishlist in the comments below…

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