Sometime back read this article by Alexander Vanelsas on “Status update: the future of the web is here”. It made me wonder about the various aspects of it. So I’ve tried to pen down my thoughts on the same!

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You may agree to it or may disagree. Nonetheless we can have great conversations on the same.

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So where were you last month? If you’re like me who keeps updated with the latest tech or media news/views, then one thing might have crossed your mind for sure i.e. “Status Updates” which are the new buzzword right now. Starting from the Web’s golden boy, twitter who had majored in status-updates with “What are you doing” tagline to its so-called rival facebook which also went that extra mile to redesign itself to give users the taste of realtime status updates.

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Many A-list bloggers too have done their rounds about how Status Updates can revolutionize the whole web experience. Fred Wilson took his shot at it too!

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So the ultimate question lies somewhere down the line – Is The Future of Web in “Status Updates”?

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This is how I look at this new phenomenon. Talking about status messages, it isn’t new. It has been there from the time when internet was more about Yahoo, AOL, Google days. Remember Chat applets we used to use then to connect with our friends like Yahoo messenger or other chat applets. We did used our status message to let know our friends about our whereabouts, what are we doing or what are we thinking. So what’s the fuss all about right now?

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Yeah, I do understand the now things are tad bit different from where it was a decade back. Now my status messages can be viewed by people half way across the world whom I’ve never met or never seen also. They can start a conversation just below my nose on my status message. But that’s it. Nothing more that. Don’t get me wrong here. I ain’t against it at all but I just don’t see it as revolutionary as many other crowdsourced activities happening around. Its just not the spark we need to start amazing interactions. One of the biggest reasons why I feel is the intent. Status updates are casual comments which has no intentions at all.

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But sitting on the social media circus train, I do understand that status updates are the latest fad. But I hardly have any doubts that its no more than that.

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So talking about status updates being the future of the web depends on how Marketers can play with it to generate some more pennies.

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Please comment/criticize or might want to add something more that I’ve missed in between.

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