Amidst all the economic gloom, one business is still booming – India’s mobile phones.

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Though economists have predicted sharp decline in the coming months due to global slowdown but Indian Mobile market is dying all of that. About 5.4 million wireless users were added in January — the biggest monthly growth ever.

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More so, TRAI shows that the total telecom subscriber base exploded past 400 million mark in January end and giving a boost to India’s teledensity which now stands at 34.5%.

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One of the biggest factors in this growth has been affordability both in terms of handset and tariff plans. The mobile has become a device for the masses – an agent of change, transforming ways of communicating and doing business. Most of the growth has been driven by labourers, maids, drivers and other lowly paid people in cities and increasingly in rural aread as innovative marketing has made calling cheap enough for some of the poorest pockets.

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According to the latest TRAI report, total wireless connections stands at 362.30 million, up from 233.63 million a year earlier. Combined with fixed line users, the country now has over 400 million telephone connections.

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Download the TRAI telecom Nos. pdf

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Image Credit – shutter snaps

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