May be just a question for this post. I don’t want to prude too deeply since I always believed that 1+1=11 while thinking about collective intelligence over internet.

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Question is:


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I always believed that web can go to deep end of the society only through a device which has mobility, accessbility and too simplistic for commoner to use; and the only device right now I can see is a MOBILE.

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BTW interesting to note a recent development from Indian IT brigade with something called @Box which makes surfing Internet on TV/VGA monitor widout a PC. How far will it go?

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Continuing, WWW has a huge potential, not just for huge pile of data churned into information but also connecting people to share, care and collaborate in ways which we can’t think off right now. Truly web can have many windows and its upto us to choose. Future is wide open as I see.

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What are your thoughts?

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