…no I ain’t a Britney fan (disclosure). Yet again, twitter went through its usual collapse which most of us has termed as Fail Whale.

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It was a happy saturday going on well. But it was not supposed to be like that for all of us who inhabit the twitterverse. I again saw twitter letting us down with its usual monotone and lonely tweetee birdie (sometimes I wonder how lonely she must be feeling without no one around her!)

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Robin Wauters of TechCrunch did a wonderful job of realtime blogging this yet another #fail story. Though it lasted for sometime but now the service is up and running.

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But that’s not what I wanted to write about since most of you guys already know about it.

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I was wondering what will happen if one day Twitter is no more! If the popular microblogging service collapsed forever? What if Google gobbles up the service? What if Facebook rises from its slumber and taketh the birdie? What if….

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Lot of ifs though!

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But I was thinking after my morning post that if twitter is no more available – will all of us shift towards the next best microblogging, microsharing tool or many of us will hide once again in deep slumber? The way I see it is twitter opened a whole universe which Wikipedia laid the foundation for i.e. Sharing & collaboration. Or to be precise a mass crowdsourcing machine. Plenty of thoughts and more to come though…

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So temme what do you think of this proposition?


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