It seems this week lots of nuggets for Online Advertising. This time around Google comes up with behavioral targeting advertising named “Interest-Based Advertising” which allows advertisers to deliver ads based on interest categories and previous interactions with those users.

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Here is the screenshot below for different categories:

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All in all, there are about 27 categories which is again classified into sub-category of interests. Some of the key points of this beta launch are:

  • This one gives total control for users who wants specific ads to be fed while they are browsing. It has an opt-out mechanism which allows users to opt out if someone prefers ads not to be based on the interest categories above. (I wrote about opt-out online adversiting here)
  • It also has a cookie based opt-out (both short & long term opt-outs) that will set a cookie on the browser that will opt out the user of these ads for as long as the cookie is on the computer.
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Seeing this, it gladens me since behavioral targeting way of feeding online ads has not given into any positive results till now. Facebook tried Beacon while MySpace tried with HyperTargeting too. But this one specifically puts me my thinking hat since in this way, the user is given more control and power while I think will be much appreciated by online audience.

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Finally, here is a four minute video on this new Google product launch:
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h/t Search Engine Land

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