So many talks about twitter outpacing google in realtime information. True in some cases! But I set on to find out if Google can do it better than Twitter too (since I’ve been using for more than a decade – call it loyalty or whatever!)

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It seems that Google can. Funny it is in some way (more so if you share same kinda sense of humor with me) but lately if you’ve noticed Google search can give you on-the-spot time of any place in the world in just a click. Just type in “Time” to display time of your location or “Time Place Name”. Jiffy and you get the time. Here is one example.

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So this is what I did – Installed GreaseMonkey script in Mozilla FireFox (some techie lingo which means you install some addons which allows you to screw play with your search). Then Click the “Install” button on the “Twitter Search Results on Google” page on

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This is how it looks:

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Best of the best – realtime information, courtesy 8 million twitter users and google search results. So now as I said at the starting of this post that Google search will outpace twitter. Below is the screenshot:

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What do you think? BTW do you think Google can’t make a system which can do the same as twitter without buying it? Many thoughts on the same later too….

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