For the last couple of weeks, the internet or specifically tech blogosphere was is going gung-ho about how twitter may/can replace google in real-time search results. Also how and why Facebook was not able to buy-out twitter in the midst to capture the mind share of present day information devouring users.

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All is fine and well. But to pen it down in words, I was wondering who buying out whom would make more sense – Google buying Twitter or Facebook buying twitter? Or Twitter left alone can do exceedingly well giving their user base increasing every month.

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Lets take it case by case-

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Case 1. Google buying out Twitter

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Google no doubt is and has the most effective search engine (at least that’s what the number says across the world). So at one hand, Google is the apt fit for comprehensive search for information and on the other hand, Google has mastered to harness the wisdom of the crowds and time & again, developed products/services which links all its services in a brilliant mesh a.k.a. GoogleDom! But it misses one viewpoint- its search lacks the human sentiments or emotions (No, I’m not getting into semantic web right now). That’s where, Twitter can fill the gap. If you want to know what people are saying and their sentiments or emotions connected to any product, service etc, then people are likely to turn on twitter. Social sites like Twitter are a different option for finding information — one that people increasingly use making it more of a human filtered search engine. So Google along with twitter capabilities can turn on the next phase of web domination where its crawler search can help dig deep to find orthodox articles and twitter can harness human power to connect users with real-time information.

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Case 2. Facebook buying out Twitter

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This is something which makes me think really hard. First of all, Facebook started as a social networking site and it’s doing exceedingly well. Now suddenly they realized that they are loosing to this niche micro-social network called twitter where people post in 140 characters. Now why the hell did they think that twitter can take over? Yeah, the point where people like to hang out in twitter more than usual doesn’t prove that people will forget their friends in social networks. Nonetheless, Facebook joined in the realtime feed updates, like’ty features and blah blah. I’m fine with that since it’s helping me to get updated soon enough (since I’m a big proponent of real-time info) but still trying to buy out twitter is something which I see as a move of desperation rather than thought out business strategy. I still think that there’s enough room for both twitter & facebook to survive without poaching or cannibalizing each other.

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Case 3. Can Twitter survive alone?

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Why can’t they? Their recent 35 million VC funding makes me think that still the VC’s are relying that twitter can be monetized. Infact, I think it’s not a big deal to monetize twitter but what stopping them to do so is the best way to do it since once done can’t be changed back. So that might take some time. And personally I think twitter has a great *internet changing* future since the very model they are on – it can be channelized into a modern human filtered search engine or a human edited repository of brand/product/service feedback system – and who knows what else can be added! But looking at the history of the founders, tech experts of the valley expect that Twitter founders can follow the same route. I won’t put my money on that since it’s not about the present that you build such a system but for the future. As of now, no hints from this Californian start up! So without any ally to go forward, I think twitter can survive quite well.

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So finally what’s the verdict if you ask, then my take would be slightly different! I think the future of Twitter lies being a Media Company rather than just a search engine since if we consider the amount of search across the world, adopting to twitter is a bit complicated for usual user where google search engine is not. But yeah, if twitter follows that *search* path, then definitely Google buying out or Twitter tying with Google makes more. Also, sorry but I don’t see why facebook should poke its nose into these affair since they have already made a brilliant social network and should trying expanding its base rather than figgeting around.

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