Before getting down dirty on the post, couple of things I want to let you guys know about me if you’re interested. No, I’m not writing yet another “25 things about Me” typo but more on what are the inspirations to write stories everyday (yeah right, everyday).

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# First of all, I’ve a day job i.e. ~10 hours of work at office where I try to do something inspirational both for employer and myself.

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# Secondly, my employer has been kind enough to let me access web near about all the time which is the reason you can almost find me on twitter, friendfeed, facebook and other micro-social sites.

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# I develop content almost everyday. Some are my thoughts, few are rants, many are stories waiting to be written about. So please excuse me if you see same stories cooked up at IMB too because I write them ‘coz I feel the interestingness in them.

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# Lastly, Big thank you to all since every single time you visit my blog or comment something (even criticizing), trust me, I value them a lot; more than I mean through these lines.

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So getting back to the point about what are the inspirations about writing everyday. Here are few of my inspirational sources:

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1. Twitter: Yes, twitter has been as inspirational as my 6th grade school teacher. No, I’m not kidding, seriously. The reason being, every moment so many stories get unfolded via links, rants, musings, conversations and many more.

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2. Friendfeed: Friendfeed is my friend for 2009 as I’ve mentioned earlier. It’s just so much like talking to almost room full of unknown people and trying to know each other. I get so many interesting links and stories each day that I can sit idle, do nothing yet not get bored.

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3. Facebook: Facebook is the latest fad for me. Until recently, facebook was not a place to hang out but recently lots of things have changed which enables seamless conversations. I duly get lot of inspirations from it to post my daily thoughts.

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4. TechMeme: TechMeme has always been my neighborhood space to keep my self abreast with all-tech-digital news. Recently when Techememe started pulling in stories twitter users, I digged the whole experience and now its one of my favorite sources of inspirations to rant off.

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5. My RSS Feeds: Yes, I read a lot. Though, I’ve shed consuming traditional media as such (like newspapers, magazines) except for books but my 220+ RSS feeds from across the web satisfies my daily thirst for information.

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So these are my top 5 resources to write daily posts notes in my blog. If you want to add anything more which can be more inspirational, please add in the comments section below.