What I never thought few years back is now a reality! Twitter, Facebook & Google are getting more & more similar. There are umpteen reasons though but let me point out the most important one – providing real-time information to capture more eye-balls (translated into user attention).

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Reasons why I say so:

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Google is no doubt the world largest search engine, providing information whenever a user types in the keyword/query he/she is looking for. Twitter on the other hand started as just a shoutbox channel wherein early adopters, geekophiles, technophilics used to hang out. Now it has crossed the tech-realm and slowly inching towards mass. But to think about it, twitter is also a search engine which can provide information since we the twitter users have already fed in lots of information in those 140 characters. Now Facebook is also fighting hard to put in use the “Live Feed” which is no less than realtime information though cluttered and yet not filtered. But then enter Facebook’s “Like” feature (which I believe Twitter lacks) and started by Friendfeed first but got immensely popular amongst Facebook users. So in totality, Google, Twitter & Facebook are in a constant battle to capture that realtime information and feed the info mongrels!

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So did you ask who’s going to win it? Fingers crossed from my side though!

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But as of now, for normal users who will be the key while scaling up see those 3 i.e. twitter, google and facebook as three different entity. But what I presume is that twitter will slowly catch on the fire of being a search engine too and it will start as soon as they include they integrate their search with existing twitter.com.

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Also I tried to find out what the blogosphere feels about twitter & facebook (in terms of no. of blog posts written per day) which nonetheless is keeping alive the twitter & facebook mania alive for us at least. Below is a graph showing no. of posts for each of them over the last 3 months:

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These are the actual numbers:

Trend Terms / Back to search results Posts per day Average % Total posts
Twitter 5,316.58 0.6323 478,492
Facebook 5,248.67 0.6206 472,380
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Such huge numbers gave another piece of thought? Remember Web 2.0…Got some clues! Moreover bloggers have very short memory if you know what I mean…

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Till then, Twitter & Facebook will make the best out this these free promotions for sure!

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