How about these statements for social networks like Facebook: the possibility of using apps increases with age or the most active wall posters are not the most active app users or may be after 30 days of lag time, possibility of acceptance of virtual gifts gains traction. For me, I don’t believe this but would let you guys decide about your behavior on social networks.

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BLiNQ Media just released a white paper named “User Behaviors in Online Social Network Applications Present Untapped Marketing Advantage” which explores the profiles and behavior of individuals utilizing online social network applications and outlines resulting insights that can be tapped to benefit marketing and application development initiatives.

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The extensive research and analysis on social network application usage data, comprising more than 9 million users and 117 million records, was executed by BLiNQ Media as a precursor for a series of in-depth studies being conducted with the Wharton Interactive Media Initiative (WIMI).

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Through this study, several common beliefs about user usage were debunked and new insights were revealed, including:

  • A small percentage of the users accounted for a large percentage of the activity. For example, only 6% of the users were responsible for 56% of the activity.
  • Not all users are in the 18-24 age bracket as assumed: The top 50% of high activity users of the social media app were 32 or older, while the lower app activity users were predominately 32 and younger (80%).
  • While females represented the largest group of application users (73%), 54% of the men were more likely to be heavy app users.
  • The majority of users (70%) took over 30 days to respond to a gifting request. Acceptance activity picked up after 30 days and continued until 132 days later.
  • The most active wall posters are not the most active application users, at least for this app.
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Check out executive summary here.

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h/t Paul Dunay Blog

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