I just can’t believe when I read this article where according to a new study twitter is the root cause of the current economic malaise.

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Professor Martin Schmeldon of Harvard Business School recently released research findings that suggest excessive Twitter use may have caused the current economic downturn.

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He added,

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“We see the rapid rise of Twitter usage in 2008 correlating very strongly with a tremendous decrease in American productivity. Our regression analysis on the data suggests a causal relationship that may actually be larger than the impact of the much-touted subprime collateral debt refinancing triggers.”.

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I say WTF!

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Don’t we have better things to care about right now. Anyways, what about those top C level execs with fat pay checks and peanut sized brain taking the whole world into this economic turmoil without understanding the aftermath of their then dubious decision.

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Rant off. Period!

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