One more rant from my side about the way social networks and microblogging or to be specific micro social networks are evolving. First of all, to take you back to the history (not much though) of evolving social networks.

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Facebook emerged as one of the most prominent social network which the whole world accepted. Side-by-side, twitter also emerged with its own niche which later users dubbed as microblogging (i.e. pushing short pithy messages about anything in 140 characters). Simultaneously, Friendfeed (another micro-social network around the realm of microblogging) emerged which has it own set of fan following (prominent being Robert Scoble).

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Now said that, it wasn’t the case that people will start quoting that which is going to emerge as the supreme leader of social networks to capture the users mind share. But soon after, Facebook updates their pages on the lines of twitter – now, people have started talking about who’s gonna kill whom?

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And many more rants like these you will see nowadays in most of the tech blogs. Understandably since, these are hot stories right now and people are buying in these stories.

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Now, lets forget all these for a moment. In the meantime, I installed greasemonkey script to make the new Facebook layout MORE like Twitter. Here’s the screenshot below:

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After seeing the new FB altered page, I thought that Facebook now looks fully loaded- it looks more between [(Friendfeed + Twitter) – Ajax]. So what’s facebook missing is auto-update messages like friendfeed’s to square it for users like me who has always been a proponent of “less clicks” when surfing.

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So did we miss one point in between? Facebook is on the way to kill friendfeed! Yes, I said it once more. It’s pertinent – someone’s gonna spill over the blood on the SocNet floor for sure. And I think Facebook is quite poised to kill friendfeed if friendfeed doesn’t evolve quickly. (Great conversations with Vimoh in FB)

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One of the reasons why I feel so is the evolution of the idea of personal and encapsulated social network. Facebook allows us to have it while friendfeed is more like sharing and conversing with unknown strangers in a common room. For example, I’ve started using facebook a lot more and less of friendfeed (though I’m a great believer of friendfeed; sometimes even more than twitter I guess!). But I guess, we will see more & more adoption of this personalised close-net social network in times to come.

Rant off!

So what else can you add to my casual rant? Anything I missed or something you want to put forward…

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