eMarketer displayed some interesting stats on CTR (Click-through-rate) specifically taking the case of Europe from November 2004 to December 2008. According to a study of more than 10 billion banner inquiries across Europe from ADTECH, the average click-through rate (CTR) fluctuates between 0.11% and 0.19%.

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That’s all fine but the article wherein they mentioned this, there were some stats mentioning about a comparative analysis between internet banner ads and mobile banner ads from 2006 (old data though).

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The stats showed that mobile banner ads fetched publishers about 2-3% CTR whereas internet based banner ads just around 2% approximately.

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This somehow got into thinking that are mobile ads fetching more for publishers than internet based banner ads? Though this site doesn’t provide mobile ads till now but it will be worth giving it a shot!

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So do you have any data or figures to substantiate this hypothesis about Mobile banner ads fetching more? If so, do share it at sampad.s [at] gmail.com

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Would like to study more into it.

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Till then, I’m more or less satisfied by the kind of CTR this site is generating (organically). Below is the screenshot:

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