Monday morning, I’m trying to set myself up for yet another eventful week. But to get myself straight into thinking mode, I’ve been wondering for quite sometime now that why does Google still have “Google Blog Search” different from its own google search. Infact, to flip it other way round, does users see blogosphere different and distinct from the web.

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If you talk about events/news anything of much value, users most often than not use search (be it google, yahoo, live etc). But yeah, when the search query is narrow and specific we might go for blog search like Google blog search or technorati’s search. But one of two things are happening simultaneosuly which might show us a clear trend.

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1. Google search indexes more and more blogs into into search stream which makes us consider google search worthy for narrow search queries even.

Google trends Comparison

Google trends Comparison

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2. If you consider Technorati being the dedicated blog search engine, then it too has been showing signs of it concentrating more on ad networks than blog search.

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3. Since google is hiving off some of its network primarily because of lesser known predictability of generating any future revenues, so google blog search isn’t helping them in that cause either.

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4. The quality of posts in Google Blog Search is quite debatable. Check out this link from Google blog search for “Google Malware“.

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In the light of all the comments above, I seriously feel Google Blog Search should be included in Google organic search.

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What do you think? Comments….

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