Started a bit late this morning. But few things are on top of my mind ever since facebook opened up their API. The million dollar question (not that it’s not worth much more than that..) – Will facebook kill twitter? Or friendfeed kill twitter? Or twitter kill friendfeed? Bloody huh…Venturebeat has its own take on this but consider this for sometime –

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Why have to all these different ideas kill each other? Twitter stands for short updates to let your friends know what are you upto; Friendfeed is all about aggregating whatever is happening around and Facebook is for socializing with your friends and keeping yourself indulged in socnet.

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Can’t all these ideas proliferate together? I always felt that the value of any social network increases when all socnets come under one universal set. For example, if there would have been one social network comprising of all facebooks, myspaces, twitter etc then the value for a individual in a social network increases.

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So it boils down to one question – do users see all these ideas (referring to social networks) as mutually exclusive sets or part of one big universal set.

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I remember when friendfeed allowed to pull all your twitter friends in its own network and now Facebook opening its API. Isn’t all these are pointing towards one big thing – a big intertwined social network! <Just a thought>

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To get it right on my money, Fred Wilson’s take on evolving social networks is commendable. He rightfully mentioned that it’s always been about status message.

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Before wraping up, the chart below show friends’ top sites in friendfeed.

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My final word would be that these ideas won’t die or act singularly on users mind. Personally I can’t do without neither twitter, friendfeed not facebook. So what are your thoughts on this?

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