If you’ve a Gmail account, then by now probably you might know that there was a major outage in Gmail which knocked off the email service for several hours at around 9:30am GMT.

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Most of the major blogs have covered this news but no official confirmation has come yet from Google (except for this one). But twitter was all awake since this happened across the world and people across the world have responded about against it. So I went back to Twitterfall to see what people are talking about it when it happened. BTW Twitterfall is basically a new service which streams in Twitter messages with certain keywords in real time at one go.

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Here is the video of what happened and what people were talking about the Gmail outage dubbed as Gfail by many:

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In the 9 minutes or so of the video, the number of messages in the queue went from zero to 1,800. That’s more than 3 people a second assuming that Twitterfall capture everything. All whining about the same stuff.

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Also catch the twitter search page of #Gmail or #Gfail

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h/t Crack Unit for the video!

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Update: Google came up with a sort of apology to its Gmail users but still no clue as to what exactly happened. BTW if you’ve been trying to access to your email account repeatedly then you might have to fill a ‘CAPTCHA’ form which asks you to type in a word or some letters before you can proceed.

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