Yes! Isn’t that fab? Now wait a minute. Twitter is just the medium. We all have to do our bit too. All we got to do is tweet, tweet and more tweet!

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Just tweet “#apowerfulnoise” (remember the Hashtag) anytime from March 2nd to March 5th, and NCM Fathom will donate $.10 for up to 50,000 Tweets to CARE, an organization working to end global poverty, in honor of the upcoming one-night event featuring the acclaimed documentary A Powerful Noise.

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Of course it is being done with an duplet agenda – One being to promote their upcoming one night event and the other being to give back something to the society by donating some amount to end poverty.

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All I can say is “Me likes it” – both from a Marketing as well as philanthropic idea!

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So please remember the date (i.e. March 2nd to March 5th). I know I’ll and lets try to contribute in our own ways (though smallish) to end poverty.

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h/t Manu Prasad for pointing me to the AdRants Article.

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