No this is not the news (RUMOR) nor I think that it will be in the immediate future. This is a blog post by Howard Lindzon who tried to create a buzz by one of his posts wherein he mentioned about the possibilities of Twitter going public with “TWEET” as the ticker and someone mentioned about “TWTR” as its ticker.

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He mentions,

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Who cares that Twitter is not making money. Now is the perfect time for their IPO. At a time when ‘Too Big to Fail’ is the myth, Twitter is just the right size for an IPO. It’s ‘Too Small to Fail’ as an IPO and public company. It has something more important than profits for the moment, believe it or not….demand and a clean balance sheet.

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Personally I love the way he took the case of all those Venture caps, Wall Street bullies and Ass back fucktards who are ruling the financial world and brought the world to this unfortunate brink of financial turmoil.

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Staying with the same mindset, I wonder what if twitter files for an IPO – at least better than some ego maniac telecom company buying it out thinking to add more to its bottomline. I say, no Sir. It can never be the case. I doubt when someone (even if Facebook, Google or any other big mouth tards) buy it out what will happen to the ways we have been connecting. Now we know the company is being run by some bunch of excited, enthusiastic geeks who care damn much to make it more social but I put my two cents if any big elephant takes it over and we connect like the way we have been doing.

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And talking about IPO, though it won’t be the case anytime soon, but the possibilities look endless since now we care- don’t we? One of the many reasons is that twitter gives us social leverage.

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Though this is my point of view. Nothing right or wrong about it. So what is yours on this matter? Comments on…..

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