, a small New York-based Internet search engine company formed in September, 2005 has filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the grand daddy of web search of antitrust laws. The company in question develops technology and operates websites that serve business buyers and consumers who need to identify potential supplier of products and services.

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The company in a statement claimed that it filed a complaint against Google because of illegal conduct to diminish and ultimately extinguish one of its subsidiary, which operated a thriving global business-to-business search engine enabling buyers of industrial products to easily connect with suppliers.”

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The site also claimed that soon after its launch, it took off-within months reaching 650,000 visits per day and was positioned as a competitor to Google’s general purpose search engine.

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After reading this, I checked the present status of and it does show the downward trend of falling visitation over the past year.

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TradeComet also accused Google of manipulating advertising rates to drive it out of business. In a statement, TradeComet’s CEO, Dan Savage said:

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Google raised our prices by 10,000 percent, which strangled our business, virtually overnight. As a result of Google flexing its monopolistic muscle, currently averages about one percent of the traffic it previously had and is no longer a competitively viable business.

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Infact, this is not the first time Google is facing such a thing. In one of such events, last November, Google dropped a bid for a joint search advertising partnership with Yahoo and fell into antitrust net.

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Source: Economic Times

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