You bet she can! I’m talking about the present CEO of Yahoo, Carol Bartz. Yeah, I’ve never been sure about this company’s future until now. You ask why? Now hear me out before placing your bet on me being crazy. The reason is simple – you care about customers and in turn customers care about you!

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Simple isn’t it? But the biggest roadblock for this proposition is execution. For that, Yahoo! for sure have to start from stratch – shed few rough patches and adopt some greener pastures for sure (please, don’t mind my metaphorical anecdotes). But what seems brighter from this end of the tunnel is the recent post (the first blog post I believe by Carol Bartz after she took over as CEO from Jerry Yang) wherein she mentioend about how she is going to take it forward.

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She mentioned that,

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I’ve noticed that a lot of us on the inside don’t spend enough time looking to the outside. That’s why I’m creating a new Customer Advocacy group. After getting a lot of angry calls at my office from frustrated customers, I realized we could do a better job of listening to and supporting you.

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.. So we’re investing in that. After all, you (customers) deserve the very best.

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We’re also leaning on this team to make sure we’re all hearing the voice of our customers (consumers and advertisers). I’m singularly focused on providing you with awesome products. Period

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This got me really excited if I think from a front end Yahoo users for a very very long time. But in the recent years, unknowingly I’ve stopped going back to Yahoo for my daily internet usage. But for the last couple of months, again I’ve started using Yahoo! without outside provocation or influences. For me, it’s symbolic that change in Yahoo brigade is coming soon. At least, that’s what I hope so!

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Also interesting to note that in the blog post, she mentions about the various customers interfaces they will be targeting.

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…The kind that get you so excited, you have to tell someone about them. Whether on your desktop, your mobile device, or even your TV.

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If you remember last month, I wrote about Yahoo is going to leap from internet to even television. I think that’s great since with awesome products I believe you also have to steal away the mindshare of customers/users to have that extra mileage.

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Till then, all my wishes to the lady who seems to be on a mission!

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